Harry Styles Breaks Silence Over Taylor Swift’s Songs About Him: ‘I Think It’s Flattering’

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s adventure lasted just over a year before they separated in January 2013. Swift then used their relationship experiences and transformed them into some songs, especially “Out of the Woods” and “Style.” In his talk to the Howard Stern radio program on March 3, he finally revealed what he was thinking about choosing his ex-girlfriend to write music for.

“I’m thinking about what it means for me to write a song about another person, and for someone else to do it, I think it’s great,” he said on the show. “Even if the song isn’t full, she still spends some time on her, and ultimately she uses Taylor as an example, she is a great composer.”

He said that musicians often take inspiration from previous relationships and that rips are among the most common topics to extract. And Lestern said that as long as he’s not “too personal” or “going to be too annoying” for the other half, everything is fine.

Stern asked about their relationships, a topic that often does not go deeper, but he told the radio presenter that he preferred to talk about them through his songs.

“There aren’t many interviews where I talk a lot about personal things, but I’m fine doing it in music,” he said. “And I feel that doing this in music is my novel.”

One Direction member achieved tremendous success in his individual career. Harry Styles Houston concert, who had previously been in talks to appear in the Disney little movie The Prince Little for Prince Eric, appeared with his second studio album in December. It was his second consecutive album No. 1 on Billboard 200. Songs like “Adore You” and “Falling” are among the most popular in Fine Line.

In an interview with NPR, Styles, who appeared on Saturday live in November, explained how his first two albums differ from the other.

“When I listen to the first album now, although I still love him a lot, I feel like I was dancing with the vampires a little bit. I can hear the places I used to play safely,” he said, sharing. “I think with this album, after taking a Harry Styles Chicago tour with an album that wasn’t necessarily a radio recording and people came to watch the program, I realized that all the people who really wanted to do what they wanted to do.”